Traditional Rug Hooking

with wool strips, yarn, and t-shirts



Due to Covid-19, classes have been canceled but individual instruction is available.  Students must wear a mask and maintain social distancing.  Classes are limited to 1-2 students.  Classes are one hour with follow-up on Skype or FaceTime.

Beginner students will receive an 8" x 8" bumblebee design for a mug rug that can also be developed into a small rug.  The cost is $100.00 plus tax and includes a kit with yarn, wool strips, and a rug hook. Students will need a large 14" hoop (may be purchased from the studio for $40.00 plus tax).  Students will need to bring scissors and a ruler.  PLEASE CALL THE STUDIO TO REGISTER.  A deposit of $50.00 is required to hold your spot (cheque or etransfer please).

Students will learn:

  • basic techniques of rug hooking (hooking a straight line, angles, curves, circles),

  • hooking with fabric strips, yarn, or t-shirts,

  • how to cut fabric into strips without a fabric cutter,

  • basic elements of color theory that will make your rug "pop",

  • how to choose good fabric for recycling into rugs,

  • finishing techniques.




Wondering what to do with all that leftover yarn?  Learn to create beautiful designs using yarn or wool strips with punch-needle rug hooking.  The instruction fee ($125.00 plus tax) includes a 9" round design (bumble bee) drawn on monk's cloth, yarn, Amy Oxford #10 Fine punch needle rug hook, and wooden frame.  For further information and to register, please call the studio. 


Classes are limited to 1-2 students.  Students are required to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing.  The class will be 2 hours with follow-up as needed.   A deposit of $50.00 (cheque or etransfer) is required to hold your spot.

Punch Needle Rug Hooking Kits - on monk's cloth


Bumblebee, 16" x 16"  $60.00

Daisy 16" x 16" $75.00

Dragon Fly (Honey Beehive design) 14" x 16" $99.00


Stay tuned for new Workshops planned for 2022